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Bicycle in Ravenna is not only a means of transport but a lifestyle.  Renting a bike you can immerse in the local city flair and discover the city of mosaic. You can also reach the Basilica of St. Apollinare in Classe and beaches of Ravenna on our cycling paths from the city centre. Book your bycicle ahead of your arrival to have it at your disposal.

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Tessere di Mosaico - Guided Tour

“The site is of outstanding universal value being of remarkable significance by virtue of the supreme artistry of the mosaic art that the monuments contain, and also because of the crucial evidence that they provide of artistic and religious relationships and contacts at an important period of European cultural history.” In this way the UNESCO World Heritage motivated why eight monuments of Ravenna had been added to the World Heritage List.   The eternal beauty of the mosaics guarded inside some of the most famous Ravenna Unesco monuments, in a visit that starts from Piazza San Francesco, into the city centre, and leads you to several UNESCO monuments.

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Minivan transfer between Ravenna and the Cruise Terminal of Porto Corsini

Do you need to reach the Porto Corsini Cruise Terminal? Book in advance your transfer to reach the port, located about 11 km from the city center. Just relax and enjoy the trip.

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In Ravenna, you can feel Art, History and Culture in every corner. Recognized worldwide for its historical and artistic treasures, the city preserves the richest heritage of mosaics dating from the 5th and 6th centuries AD within its early Christian and Byzantine religious buildings, included by UNESCO on the World Heritage List.


Walking and cycling through the city centre is like reliving an ancient history: starting from the Roman era and its magnificent early Christian basilicas, through the Renaissance and up to the 19th century, when the city was rediscovered by famous visitors such as Lord Byron, Oscar Wilde, Sigmund Freud and Gustav Klimt.


In addition to the extraordinary richness of its architectural heritage, the city’s short distance from the Adriatic coast make it an attractive destination for those seeking relaxation and fun, as well as the ideal place for hiking surrounded by nature. Ravenna is a sparkling city full of artistic and cultural events, which traditionally welcomes its guests with courtesy and spoils them with tasty dishes, always accompanied by a good wine.





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Discover Classe

Guided tour to discover the monuments that make Classe an essential destination. Discover the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe, defined as one of the greatest examples of an early Christian basilica and recognized by Unesco as a World Heritage Site. Despite the spoliation suffered over the centuries, the church still preserves the beauty of the original structure and it is admired for the splendid polychrome mosaics of its apsidal basin and the ancient marble sarcophagi of the archbishops located along the side aisles. Furthermore, our itineraries will lead you to discover the Museum Classis Ravenna, the last born among the city's monuments and which has become the cultural point of reference for anyone who wants to fully understand the history of Ravenna. A compelling story that features one of the most important cities in the Mediterranean, three times capital. The story develops inside the museum using multimedia, plastic and multi-projection equipment used as a support to the visit and to illustrate the various themes.  

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Walking with Dante in Ravenna

Ravenna is the last shelter of Dante, the father of the italian language, and it is the city that hosts his grave which is the starting point of our tour. We will retrace together the traces left by the Supreme Poet in Ravenna during the fourteenth century and all the following years. It is an opportunity to discover Dante Alighieri’s adventures in his last years, the exile, the life in the city, the death and the struggling dispute for his remains, as well as the enhancements of the sepulchre over the centuries.

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Discover Ravenna

Take part of our guided tours that will lead you on a pleasant walk along the main streets of Ravenna’s historic town to discover the most suggestive and least known corners, famous people, anecdotes and legends, food and wine and street art. A guided tour in the historical center to look into the rich heritage of the city whose flagship are the 8 UNESCO monuments. The churches and basilicas of Ravenna tell us about a past in which the halls of worship were the reference points in the various districts of the ancient city. Houses and small buildings adorned with portals, double lancet windows, balconies and porticoes, are evidence of the building renovation made during the Venetian domination in the second half of the 15th century. Not to mention the fact that for centuries Ravenna, an extraordinarily powerful and evocative city, welcomed illustrious characters that have been great poets and ingenious revolutionaries on this land. So much, that even today, Ravenna is still chosen by internationally renowned artists for installations and works of street art.

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Workshops availables in english

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Byzantine Mosaic - Tour & Workshop

Become a mosaicist for a day! Come and discover the art of mosaic. Before or after visiting the UNESCO monuments of Ravenna with its wonderful mosaics, also you can become a mosaicist for a day! You will have the opportunity to discover the world of mosaic by visiting a real artisan workshop: you will be shown the materials used, the special tools used to cut the tiles, the different execution techniques. You will witness the manual cutting of the tiles using traditional tools: hammer and cutting board. You can choose among some Byzantine motifs that you can admire in the monuments of the city and use glassy materials produced in the ancient furnaces of Venice. You will actively participate in all stages of processing. At the end of the experience you can bring home a souvenir of Ravenna made with your own hands.

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Create your mosaic jewel - Tour & Workshop

In the heart of Ravenna, the capital of mosaic which boasts the beauty of 8 UNESCO monuments, Patrimony of the Humanity, you can create a precious mosaic jewel in a real artisan workshop, where the materials employed are used in little manufactures of Venice and Florence.   Barbara, an expert mosaicist, will receive you with warmth in her laboratory and after a good coffee, she will tell you about the techniques of the byzantine mosaics and contemporary ones and of the high-quality materials employed. If you would like to be always updated about our activities, please subscribe to our newsletter here, or contact us at +39 0544 482838. 

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Tour & Short class of mosaic

In the heart of Ravenna Koko Mosaic bring on the language of mosaic with an eye on the future and one on the past. This class is just a small taste to start knowing an ancient art. You can realize a copy of an ancient mosaic of the Roman or Byzantine period, directly created on cement mortar. After a little introduction at the mosaic and at the card’s cut with the ancient tools of the trade - small hammer and carbide hardie -  you will actively participate at the realization of your piece: from the drafting of the cement mortar to the finalization of the mosaic. You can use high-quality materials that were used in the olden days as marble, Venetian enamels and golden tiles depending on the copy you have chosen to recreate. The objective will be to realize a mosaic of about 11x11 cm.

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Food & Wine tours and tastings

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Cappelletto, the king of Romagna table - FRESH PASTA WORKSHOP

Would you like to learn how to roll out the dough to make a fantastic homemade pasta dish yourself? This workshop is for you!   The “sfogline”* of the Mercato Coperto, bearers of rolling pin and wisdom, will teach you how to prepare the real cappelletto romagnolo. *The “sfoglina” (pasta maker) is historically seen as a middle-aged woman who, using a rolling pin and a pastry board, "rolls the dough" strictly by hand to create the base for tagliatelle, tortellini and other stuffed and unstuffed egg pasta. Cappelletti are, for Romagna, a dish charged with a symbolism of well-being, wealth and opulence. In the past, wishing "cappelletti on the table and throughout the year", was in fact one of the most heartfelt and appreciated wishes. The experience will be complemented by a GUIDED TOUR OF THE MERCATO COPERTO by the staff, to discover the history, architecture, furnishings and enogastronomic thinking of the place

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Tasting of three glasses of wine, accompanied by our baked goods "Pane Sciocco" characteristic bread without salt of the Romagna tradition and "Pane Brusco" made with type 1 stone-ground flour made with Molino Spadoni flours Edited by Andrea Spada, first sommelier of Italy in 1994-95.   The experience will be complemented by a GUIDED TOUR OF THE MERCATO COPERTO by the staff, to discover the history, architecture, furnishings and enogastronomic thinking of the place.   Andrea Spada, after having started his career as sommelier, at the end of the '80s and in the '90s, he was first sommelier at Notai in Bologna (1 Michelin star) and at La Frasca in Castrocaro Terme (2 Michelin stars continuously kept for 26 years), restaurant with which he collaborated for 5 years. 1994 is the year of the award as First Sommelier of Italy, a title he will confirm the following year, and of the project of Trattoria di Strada Casale, an impromptu restaurant opened and managed together with chef Remo Camurani, with whom he will maintain a strong partnership throughout the years. Gifted with great charisma and skills as an entertainer, from 2000 to 2003, he also embraced his passion for art and live entertainment by being involved in the management of Circolo degli Artisti (Faenza, RA), a cult venue that has seen artists such as Fabrizio Bosso, Stefano Bollani and Paolo Fresu on its stage. After a new experience as manager of the local Noè in Faenza, in 2013 he is the creator and organizer together with Carlo Catani (Book - Tempi di Recupero) of the Albana Day, an event where the best tasters of Italy and Europe are called in Romagna for a blind tasting of various labels of dry Albana, DOCG product of Romagna. In the same year he is consultant for Enoteca Regionale Emilia-Romagna and is sent as ambassador for the entity in Frankfurt, where he is in charge of the presentation and promotion of the oenological products of the Emilia-Romagna area. Since 2015 he is sommelier consultant for Casa Spadoni (and from 2019 also for the Mercato Coperto in Ravenna), with which he shares the eclectic vision of catering, the strong link with the territory, the attention in the care of the product.

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La Pida Rumagnola - PIADINA WORKSHOP

The real Piadina* Romagnola is a unique goodness that has ancient origins in the Romagna countryside as a poor dish. Today protected by the PGI, the piadina has deservedly become a symbol of Italian cuisine in the world.  The Mercato Coperto offers the classic recipe, made with: flour type "0" Gran Mugnaio for Piadina Romagnola Molino Spadoni, yeast, water, lard (the good and healthy one) of Mora Romagnola, milk and salt. *Thin flatbread.   The experience will be complemented by a GUIDED TOUR OF THE MERCATO COPERTO by the staff, to discover the history, architecture, furnishings and enogastronomic thinking of the place.

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