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In Ravenna, you can feel Art, History and Culture in every corner. Recognized worldwide for its historical and artistic treasures, the city preserves the richest heritage of mosaics dating from the 5th and 6th centuries AD within its early Christian and Byzantine religious buildings, included by UNESCO on the World Heritage List.

Walking and cycling through the city centre is like reliving an ancient history: starting from the Roman era and its magnificent early Christian basilicas, through the Renaissance and up to the 19th century, when the city was rediscovered by famous visitors such as Lord Byron, Oscar Wilde, Sigmund Freud and Gustav Klimt.

In addition to the extraordinary richness of its architectural heritage, the city’s short distance from the Adriatic coast make it an attractive destination for those seeking relaxation and fun, as well as the ideal place for hiking surrounded by nature. Ravenna is a sparkling city full of artistic and cultural events, which traditionally welcomes its guests with courtesy and spoils them with tasty dishes, always accompanied by a good wine.


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Mosaic Masterpieces

An exclusive itinerary, narrated in your own language by an official guide, which will take you to visit the most famous monuments of Ravenna. Ancient origins and a glorious past, a heritage of unique works and mosaics in the world, which enclosed within the city walls, transformed Ravenna in the past centuries and today bear witness to the original splendor. Ravenna and the light of its mosaics, the city of 8 UNESCO monuments, that inspired great artists of all ages, Dante, Byron, Klimt and Montale just to name a few of them... Ravenna is art, history, crossroads of peoples and culture. Ravenna, a masterpiece to discover with this exclusive tour.   Starting from Dante's tomb, the route will take you along the streets of the historic center to reach the sites that contain the masterpieces of the Ravenna mosaic.  

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Koko Mosaico

Guided tour in English language to a Mosaic workshop where you will have a glance at the works of the master mosaicist. For more than 1500 years, Ravenna has been passing down the extraordinary artistic tradition linked to the mosaic that made it, together with its 8 UNESCO monuments, famous all over the world. Every Saturday a guided tour starts at 11.30 am and will make you discover this amazing art, visiting one of the workshops of the city centre where the traditional techniques meet contemporary projects and ideas.

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Tessere di Mosaico - Guided Tour

“The site is of outstanding universal value being of remarkable significance by virtue of the supreme artistry of the mosaic art that the monuments contain, and also because of the crucial evidence that they provide of artistic and religious relationships and contacts at an important period of European cultural history.” In this way the UNESCO World Heritage motivated why eight monuments of Ravenna had been added to the World Heritage List. The eternal beauty of the mosaics guarded inside some of the most famous Ravenna Unesco monuments is the heart of this guided tour.  Bilingual Italian-English guided tours are available. Itinerary from January 1st to February 29th:  _ Battistero Neoniano  _ Mausoleo di Galla Placidia  _ Basilica di San Vitale Itinerary from March 1st to June 15th:  _ Basilica di Sant'Apollinare Nuovo  _ Battistero Neoniano  _ Cappella di Sant'Andrea




Weaving workshop at the Marsh Grasses Ecomuseum of Villanova di Bagnacavallo The Marsh Grasses Ecomuseum is a unique reality in Europe that preserves the memory of the ancient techniques of processing spontaneous vegetation, typical of the community of Villanova di Bagnacavallo, through a rich collection of artifacts and equipment. Those testifies and documents the original form of craftsmanship that between the 19th and 20th centuries had developed to become one of the main economic activities in the area. The experience includes a guided tour of the museum collection, the "Villanova delle capanne" ethno park and a practical workshop of interweaving marsh grasses with the creation of a 19th century artifact to take home.

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Mosaic workshop in Ravenna

Become a mosaicist for a day! Come and discover the art of mosaic. Before or after visiting the UNESCO monuments of Ravenna with its wonderful mosaics, also you can become a mosaicist for a day! You will have the opportunity to discover the world of mosaic by visiting a real artisan workshop: you will be shown the materials used, the special tools used to cut the tiles, the different execution techniques. You will witness the manual cutting of the tiles using traditional tools, hammer and cutting board. You can choose between some decorative motifs of Roman floors and between different colours of marble such as: the white Carrara, red Verona, black China or green Guatemala. You will actively participate in all stages of processing. At the end of the experience you can bring home a souvenir of Ravenna made with your own hands.

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Create your mosaic jewel

In the heart of Ravenna, the capital of mosaic which boasts the beauty of 8 UNESCO monuments, patrimony of the humanity you can create a precious mosaic jewel in a real artisan workshop where the materials employed are used in little manufactures of Venice and Florence.

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Short mosaic workshop

Realize your souvenir!

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Mosaic workshop for families

Create together your mosaic ready to be hung at your house wall.

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The tradition of natural wellness at the Terme di Cervia through an immersion in the thermal pools and a typical Liman Mud treatment followed by a therapeutic bath in thermal water with ozone. In Cervia, the ancient town of salt, the spa resort is the ideal place for those who want to experience the beneficial action of nature with the saline water called “Acqua Madre” and the typical Liman mud, exclusive elements of Terme di Cervia. Here you will find a large indoor spa pool with its three different areas: a large thermal bath, a deep thermal bath and one with “Acqua Madre” that contains a salt concentration 5 times higher than the sea water; a real elixir of beauty for the skin and an excellent ally for improving circulation. At your disposal there is a circulatory wading path, an equipped gym and the possibility of attending Pilates courses or Low Impact Gymnastic. The prerogative of the Baths is mudbalneotherapy according to the "traditional method of Cervia"similar to the Dead Sea black muds for its beneficial effects. After being sprinkled with mud liman you dry in the solarium under the rays of the sun and finally, after a shower, you dive into a tub with the Salsob romoiodic Acqua Madre. Perfect for those suffering from dermatological diseases, specially psoriasis, but also for those looking for a relaxing and anti-aging effect. Another opportunity for wellness and beauty is the possibility to book massages and beauty treatments that combine technology with the natural resources of the Saline di Cervia.


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Discover Ravenna - Scopri Ravenna

Take part of our guided itineraries that will accompany you on a pleasant walk along the main streets of Ravenna’s historic town to discover the most suggestive and least known corners, famous people, anecdotes and legends, food and wine and street art. A guided tour in the historical center, to look into the rich heritage of the city of which the 8 UNESCO monuments are only the flagship. The churches and basilicas of Ravenna tell us about a past in which, the halls of worship were the reference points in the various quarters of the ancient city. Houses and small buildings adorned with portals, mullioned windows, balconies and porticoes, are evidence of the building renovation made during the Venetian domination in the second half of the 1400s. Not to mention the fact that for centuries Ravenna, an extraordinarily powerful and evocative city, welcomed illustrious characters who in these lands were profitable poets and ingenious revolutionaries. So much that even today Ravenna is still chosen by internationally renowned artists for installations and works of street art.

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Electric boat route on the Bevano creek that flows between Ortazzo and Ortazzino until you reach the watchtower, a privileged point to admire the landscape and the animal species that populate it, with a view that ranges from the Pinewood of Classe to the sea. Furthermore, at certain times of the year it will also be possible to reach the mouth of the river, where it is possible to observe an important portion of the reserve that usually is closed to the public.

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Discover Flamingos by Bike

Guided walking tour to discover the Punte Alberete Flooded Forest, near Ravenna, with bird watching activities. All participants will be provided with binoculars for observations

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Naturalistic walking tour inside of the San Vitale Pinewood Forest, one of the most ancient of Ravenna. All participants will be provided with binoculars for observations.

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This tour starts from Sant’Alberto, and will take for a walk along the banks of the Reno River, to observe the Southern Comacchio Lagoon and the magic of these environments characterized by water and sky, inhabited by many species of birds. Bird watching can be done with binoculars, admiring expanses of pink flamingos. Ideal for nature photography lovers

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Discover Flamingos by Bike

Guided bicycle tour for all ages through the Southern Comacchio Lagoon to discover the nature of the Po Delta. To any participant will be given binocular and bicycle before the tour starts. The route includes the passage on the characteristic Reno River by ferry. The wide basin of Comacchio Lagoon stretches through the Po Delta. There are some itineraries with whom you can discover the valley that offers unique landscapes. It’s the opportunity to find a very rich fauna, in particular along this route, you will observe the flamingos and the numerous species of birdlife in the Delta. The bike excursion takes place on the southern shore of the Comacchio Lagoon and includes birdwatching activities with the support of expert guides


In the heart of the Parco del Delta del Pò, in the heart of history We are inside the Po Delta Park in a lagoon environment between flamingos, herons, shelducks, oystercatchers, swans. On the "Bulow" boat along the canals, we arrive at the Spinaroni Island, place of the Resistance during the war (between 1943 and 1945) where large partisan forces together with Italian and Anglo-American soldiers, after the liberation of Ravenna, fought Nazi-fascism and won it. Not far away from the island there is the Garibaldi shed, which gave Giuseppe Garibaldi shelter and protection. In city of Mandriole there is the Guiccioli farm, that hosts the Anita Garibaldi Museum, who in these areas, contracted malaria and lost her life. The island, for years subject to subsidence, has become accessible again thanks to the efforts of the ANPI (National Association of Partisans of Italy), the Municipality and the Province of Ravenna, with a restoration and maintenance project shared and supported by the European Union. A place unchanged over time, suitable for fishing and hunting, it has gone through historical, patriotic and naturalistic heritage. The partisans' hut has been recovered, it is able of host until two school groups. The original marsh style of the shed was ensured by the intervention of the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences of the University of Ravenna.


On Valentine's Day a special tour of Ravenna, a city that can excite you with its mysterious light, history and important figures. You can only fall in love with it! Let yourself be carried away by the places that have been the background to some of the most famous love stories in the world and to the secret places where the people of Ravenna of each century have given and received love. We will talk about literary loves, noble families, love symbols, love tragedies, love of country and much more. Starting from Piazza S. Francesco, walking through squares and monuments, we will tell you about Guidarello Guidarelli and Benedetta del Sale, Paolo and Francesca immortalized by the verses of Dante Alighieri, Anita and Giuseppe Garibaldi and the important women from the Rasponi Dal Sale family. Finally, you cannot miss the moment dedicated to the relationship between Teresa Gambi and Lord Byron and the one between Theodora and Justinian. At the end of the tour we will offer you a little cuddle: you can choose between a hot chocolate and a small ice cream cone.


A guided walking tour including a painting workshop "en plein air" for children, between the Reno River and the Comacchio Lagoon, to observe and learn about botanical and animal species. In particular, the Spring is the peak migration period, and offer the most extraordinary opportunity of bird watching. Thanks to the guide and binoculars it is possible to capture the best of this wonderful experience.

Day trip out of Ravenna