Round trip Transfer: from GHM Hotel to TERMINAL + from Terminal to GHM Hotel

From EUR 40

From EUR 36

Are you staying at the GHM Hotel and do you need a transfer to Porto Corsini Cruise Terminal?

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Description section:

from GHM Hotel to the Terminal:
SHUTTLE BUS service with pick up in front Gran Hotel Mattei main entrance and arrival in about 20 minutes at the Cruise Terminal of Porto Corsini, Ravenna

from the Terminal to GHM Hotel:
SHUTTLE BUS service with pick up at the Cruise Terminal of Porto Corsini and arrival in about 20 minutes at Grand Hotel Mattei

Round trip fares description:

- fare: 1 passenger with 1 suitcases

  1 seat

  1 hand luggage

  1 checked-in suitcase (29x19x11 inch)


- fare: 1 passenger with 2 suitcases

  1 seat

  1 hand luggage

  2 hold luggage (29x19x11 inch)

From EUR 40

From EUR 36

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PDF Facts

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Transfer from Ravenna to Porto Corsini Cruise Terminal:

Instructions: select the day and time reservations available during the booking process

The vehicle will pick up passengers at the parking lot of the Grand Hotel Mattei just in front of the main entrance.

Transfer service from Porto Corsini Cruise Terminal to Ravenna Train Station:

Instructions: select the day and time reservations available during the booking process

Get off the ship, exit the terminal and look for the staff with uniform or sign VISIT RAVENNA; if you have difficulties in tracing the correct means, please consult the Tourist Information Office located just outside the terminal on the left


Useful info:

- for any questions about this service please contact us at:
  email: /
  phone: +39 0544 482838
  whatsapp: +39 348 4504049

- the service is provided by a vehicle shared with other passengers.
Capacity is limited, in terms of seats and space for suitcases; for this reason, each passenger can only take on board what is included in the selected fare.

Please note that HOLD LUGGAGE means standard luggage whose dimensions must not exceed 29x19x11 inch. If you have very large and particularly baggage that exceeds these dimensions, you will have to select 1 passenger with 2 suitcases: the space available inside the vehicle is limited.

If the size and quantity of baggage selected during the booking process will not be respected, the service will not be guaranteed.


- We will make every effort to be punctual. However, due to traffic and/or sudden changes to the route, the service may be slightly delayed. In this case, please be patient by staying, when possible, in the lobby of the hotel or near the meeting point chosen and be always available for communication by staff.
Please note that one of our operators will always be ready to update you on the status of the vehicle and can be contacted (preferably via WhatsApp) on +39 348 4504049.


- our driver will have an identification sign on the vehicle with the "Visit Ravenna" logo and a list of names booked. 

We kindly ask you to check that the vehicle corresponds to the one booked and to be careful not to board other vehicles. 

If you decide at the last moment to use a different service, no refund will be given. For more information, please refer to the cancellation policy. 


- if you require an invoice, please request it before making payment by contacting the office at: