Salt architectures - tour in Cervia!

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City tour from the salt warehouses to the historic city centre to discover the history of the factory town.
Charm, a bit of mystery and legends introduce the dominant theme: the architecture of salt.

Why is Cervia shaped like a quadrilateral? How did the salt workers live? How was the salt stored?
Cervia has a thousand secrets and this excursion is an opportunity to discover them all.

Visit in Italian only.
The excursion will be held once the minimum number of participants has been reached.
  • Monday 26 June
  • Monday 17 July
  • Monday 7 August
  • Friday 1 September - special salt festival

Additional Information

Cervia (RA)
Meeting point
Torre San Michele - Cervia
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  • San Michele Tower
  • Salt Warehouses
  • Officine del Sale
  • Darsena del Sale
  • Cervia historic centre


Cervia: Journey inside the city of salt


  1. Torre San Michele
  2. Magazzini del Sale
  3. Piazzetta Carlo Pisacane
  4. Piazza Garibaldi
  5. Darsena del sale