On Valentine's Day a special tour of Ravenna, a city that can excite you with its mysterious light, history and important figures.

You can only fall in love with it!

Let yourself be carried away by the places that have been the background to some of the most famous love stories in the world and to the secret places where the people of Ravenna of each century have given and received love. We will talk about literary loves, noble families, love symbols, love tragedies, love of country and much more.

Starting from Piazza S. Francesco, walking through squares and monuments, we will tell you about Guidarello Guidarelli and Benedetta del Sale, Paolo and Francesca immortalized by the verses of Dante Alighieri, Anita and Giuseppe Garibaldi and the important women from the Rasponi Dal Sale family. Finally, you cannot miss the moment dedicated to the relationship between Teresa Gambi and Lord Byron and the one between Theodora and Justinian.
At the end of the tour we will offer you a little cuddle: you can choose between a hot chocolate and a small ice cream cone.


   domenica 13 febbraio 2021 - ore 11.00

Punto di ritrovo:

   Piazza San Francesco 7, Ravenna
   si prega di presentarsi almeno 10 minuti prima dell'orario di partenza


    2 ore


    - italiano

Incluso nel prezzo:

    - guida certificata esperta e locale   
    - radioguide whisper con attacco jack per le cuffiette
      (si prega di leggere il vademecum)

  Info Utili:

    - il tour si svolgerà interamente in esterno
    - per questa esperienza è richiesto un numero minimo di viaggiatori
    - è importante che si legga e rispetti il vademecum sicurezza




   Friday 14th  and Saturday 15th 
   at 5.00 pm

Meeting point:

   Tourist Information Office
   Piazza San Francesco 7
, Ravenna
   we kindly ask you to arrive at least 15 minutes in advance


   2 hours


    - Italian only

Included in the price:

    - expert and local certified guide
    - hot chocolate or small ice cream cone