Traces of glory, fragments of history

Following the traces that have marked its history, this tour will project you into the glorious past of Ravenna thanks to the discovery of two important jewels of the city: the Baptistery of the Arians and the National Museum.  


Inside the small baptistery, witness of the Arian-Orogothic cult in Ravenna which was later condemned to heresy, in addition to the mosaic decoration of the dome, which makes it one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites of the city, it will be possible to admire the various decorative and structural changes that this monument suffered over the centuries. 


Silent guardian of the city's history is also the National Museum, the second stop of this guided tour. Housed inside the ancient Benedictine monastery of San Vitale, since 1885 it has preserved archeological finds and collections of applied arts, testimonies of Ravenna's past, gathered with care, love and patience by the noble citizens and learned monks of the city's great abbeys.

Traces of glory, fragments of history, an itinerary for those who want to take their own time to know better the city, beyond stereotypes and quick tours.

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  Saturday at 10.45 am

Meeting point:

  Piazza San Francesco 7, Ravenna
  please arrive 10 minutes before the starting time


   2 hours and a half




Included in the price:

  - expert local guide

  - tickets to enter at the monuments included into this tour

  - whisper radio guide with headphone jack

 Useful info:

  - the tour will be confirmed only with a minimum number of participants
  - the tour will be confirmed upon availability of the monuments' tickets

  - the tour needs to be booked online, or at one of our tourist offices by paying on site

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- online booking and purchase of the guided tour are strongly recommended
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  1. Ravenna
  2. Piazzetta degli Ariani, Ravenna
  3. Via San Vitale, 17, Ravenna