Dante in Ravenna

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Dante in Ravenna, an opportunity to discover the events that characterized the last years of Dante Alighieri: exile, life in the city, death and the daring dispute for the remains, as well as the interventions of enhancement of the tomb over the centuries.


This tour will take you to discover the Basilica of San Francesco, the place where the Supreme Poet's funeral took place and in the Zona del Silenzio (Silence Zone), where his Tomb is still located today.


You will enter the multifunctional space of Casa Dante (Dante’s House), recently inaugurated thanks to the collaboration with the Uffizi Gallery of Florence and the Classense Library of Ravenna.


The guided tour will be concluded with an additional entrance to the Dante Museum, with a new multimedia setting up that took place in May 2021. It’s confirmed as the main custodian of Dante's history preserved for centuries in our city.

From EUR 16

+1 Additional options

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   Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd of May
   at 3.00 pm English tour
   at 3.10 pm Italian tour  

Meeting Point:

Info Point, Piazza San Francesco 7, Ravenna
please arrive 10 minutes before the starting time

Indications: the office, located in the historical centre, is near the Dante’s Tomb, about 5 minutes walk from the train station


      1 hour and a half


     Italian & English


Included in the price:

    - expert local guide
    - entrance tickets to the monuments included in the tour
    - whisper radio guides with jack connection for headphones

Vademecum - Safe tour

- online booking and purchase of the guided tour are strongly recommended
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  1. Ravenna
  2. Piazza San Francesco, 3, Ravenna
  3. Via Guido da Polenta, 4, Ravenna
  4. Via Dante Alighieri, 2a, Ravenna
  5. Via Dante Alighieri, 9, Ravenna