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Tasting of three glasses of wine, accompanied by our baked goods "Pane Sciocco" characteristic bread without salt of the Romagna tradition and "Pane Brusco" made with type 1 stone-ground flour made with Molino Spadoni flours

Edited by Andrea Spada, first sommelier of Italy in 1994-95.


The experience will be complemented by a GUIDED TOUR OF THE MERCATO COPERTO by the staff, to discover the history, architecture, furnishings and enogastronomic thinking of the place.


Andrea Spada, after having started his career as sommelier, at the end of the '80s and in the '90s, he was first sommelier at Notai in Bologna (1 Michelin star) and at La Frasca in Castrocaro Terme (2 Michelin stars continuously kept for 26 years), restaurant with which he collaborated for 5 years.

1994 is the year of the award as First Sommelier of Italy, a title he will confirm the following year, and of the project of Trattoria di Strada Casale, an impromptu restaurant opened and managed together with chef Remo Camurani, with whom he will maintain a strong partnership throughout the years.

Gifted with great charisma and skills as an entertainer, from 2000 to 2003, he also embraced his passion for art and live entertainment by being involved in the management of Circolo degli Artisti (Faenza, RA), a cult venue that has seen artists such as Fabrizio Bosso, Stefano Bollani and Paolo Fresu on its stage. After a new experience as manager of the local Noè in Faenza, in 2013 he is the creator and organizer together with Carlo Catani (Book - Tempi di Recupero) of the Albana Day, an event where the best tasters of Italy and Europe are called in Romagna for a blind tasting of various labels of dry Albana, DOCG product of Romagna. In the same year he is consultant for Enoteca Regionale Emilia-Romagna and is sent as ambassador for the entity in Frankfurt, where he is in charge of the presentation and promotion of the oenological products of the Emilia-Romagna area. Since 2015 he is sommelier consultant for Casa Spadoni (and from 2019 also for the Mercato Coperto in Ravenna), with which he shares the eclectic vision of catering, the strong link with the territory, the attention in the care of the product.

From EUR 20

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Friday at 6.00 pm
Freshness of Romagna


Saturday at 10.30 am
Romagna Albana: first Italian DOCG


Sunday at 5.00 pm
Romagna Sangiovese: expression of a territory

Meeting point:

Ravenna’s Mercato Coperto
P.za Andrea Costa, 48121 Ravenna

Indications: the Mercato Coperto, located in the historical centre, is about 10 minutes walk from both the train station and the Tourist Information Office in Piazza San Francesco


1 hours 



Included in the activity:

- guided tour of the Covered Market

- tasting of 3 wines with Sommelier

- tasting of typical products


Tasting of 3 labels of Romagna Albana, a grape variety produced exclusively in the Romagna region and the first Italian white wine to be awarded DOCG status. A white wine dressed as red, great acidity, presence of tannins and great alcoholic strength.

Tasting of 3 labels of Sangiovese, more correctly called Romagna Sangiovese, the iconic grape of the area. The tasting will be mainly focused on terroir and its importance, in order to better understand how much it affects the yield of the grape.


  1. Piazza Andrea Costa, Ravenna