Oil Tasting

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Olive oil, protagonist every day on our tables, is the gold we add to delicious dishes to make them tastier, healthier and more nutritious; an integral part of the daily diet of every Italian. The Mercato Coperto offers a selection of quality. You may taste two types of oil wich compare the traditions: to start the Brisighello Oil DOP produced with native olives from Brisighella, Emilia-Romagna, then from Puglia the Oil of Olives Peranzana and to finish the Oil of Olives Taggiasche from Liguria, all of them accompanied by our artisan bread, from the classic and traditional version to the most particular.


The experience will be complemented by a GUIDED TOUR OF THE MERCATO COPERTO by the staff, to discover the history, architecture, furnishings and enogastronomic thinking of the place.

From EUR 10

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everyday at 10.00 am or 3.30 pm

Meeting point:

Ravenna’s Mercato Coperto
P.za Andrea Costa, 48121 Ravenna

Indications: the Mercato Coperto, located in the historical centre, is about 10 minutes walk from both the train station and the Tourist Information Office in Piazza San Francesco


   1 hr


   Italian & English

Included in the experience:

   - guided tour of the Covered Market

   - tasting of 3 oils with typical products



We will present the following products in white bowls to enhance their color, taste and nuances:

- Brisighello DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained from native olives from Brisighella (Ravenna) "Terre di Brisighella"

- Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Italian obtained from olives Peranzana (Puglia) "Oilalà"

- “Oro Taggiasco" Extra Virgin Olive Oil  obtained from Taggiasca olives (Liguria) "Crusher of Sant'Agata d'Oneglia"


Accompany the tasting of oils our Bread Basket with:

- Bread Sciocco type "0" without salt: from Romagna’s tradition, made with sourdough, leavened for a long time to offer lightness and flavor

- Sprouted Chickpeas and Turmeric Ciabattina: sprouted chickpeas are rich in protein, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Turmeric is a spice with formidable anti-inflammatory and purifying properties.

- Pane Brusco: made with type 1 flour, stone milled wheat, sourdough and biga, is worked by hand giving it a rustic aspect. It presents a crunchy crust and a compact crumb.


- total accessibility of the surfaces by people with disabilities

- free wi-fi connection

- animals allowed

- possibility of use of toilets and changing tables


  1. Piazza Andrea Costa, Ravenna