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In the heart of the Parco del Delta del Pò, in the heart of history

We are inside the Po Delta Park in a lagoon environment between flamingos, herons, shelducks, oystercatchers, swans. On the "Bulow" boat along the canals, we arrive at the Spinaroni Island, place of the Resistance during the war (between 1943 and 1945) where large partisan forces together with Italian and Anglo-American soldiers, after the liberation of Ravenna, fought Nazi-fascism and won it.
Not far away from the island there is the Garibaldi shed, which gave Giuseppe Garibaldi shelter and protection.
In city of Mandriole there is the Guiccioli farm, that hosts the Anita Garibaldi Museum, who in these areas, contracted malaria and lost her life.
The island, for years subject to subsidence, has become accessible again thanks to the efforts of the ANPI (National Association of Partisans of Italy), the Municipality and the Province of Ravenna, with a restoration and maintenance project shared and supported by the European Union. A place unchanged over time, suitable for fishing and hunting, it has gone through historical, patriotic and naturalistic heritage. The partisans' hut has been recovered, it is able of host until two school groups. The original marsh style of the shed was ensured by the intervention of the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences of the University of Ravenna.
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_ Departure from the pier located behind the parking area of the "Cavallo Felice" Riding School, between Porto Corsini and Marina Romea.

_ Arrival on the Spinaroni Island.

_ Historical and naturalistic presentation of the Liberation Struggle, in the places of Resistance to Nazifascism, and the lagoon life: flora and fauna.

_ Departure for Pialassa, inside the valley, with landing at Fossatone and short walk till Chiaro del Comune.

_ Return to the pier.


Limited seats, reservations required!

Meeting point:

   Imbarcadero (located behind the parking lot of the
   "Cavallo Felice" Riding School)
   Via Baiona 310, Porto Corsini, Ra

   We kindly ask you to arrive at least 15 minutes in advance.
   There is a very short stretch of road on foot from the parking lot to the pier.


    3 hours


    - italian

Included in the price:

    - boat excursion
    - small refreshment
    - guide
    - the textbook "L'Isola degli Spinaroni"