Excursion to San Marino

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Welcome to the ancient land of freedom! A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008, San Marino is a small city in the heart of Italy: with its 61 square kilometers, it is in fact the fourth smallest state in Europe. With its Three Towers dominates the sea and the valley,  with scenic views and suggestive paths. Immerse yourself in the medieval atmosphere, visiting the towers and the narrow streets.
Price: 15€ till 5 people
When: always
Language: Italian
Duration: 1 hour

Additional Information

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  • Prima Torre (Rocca or Guaita)
  • Second Tower (Cesta or Fratta)
  • public building
  • State Museum
  • San Francesco Pinacoteca Museum
  • Wax Museum
  • Basilica of the Saint


  • Tour guided
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • How to reach it: Rimini / San Marino Bus Line (Bonelli-Benedettini)
  • Departure: San Marino bus stop in P. le C. Battisti 1 (outside the train station, in front of H. Moderno) platform E


  1. Rimini
  2. Repubblica di San Marino