Round trip transfer: from RAVENNA CENTRE to Terminal + from Terminal to PALA DE ANDRÉ (via Trieste Ravenna)

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Are you going on a cruise from Porto Corsini Cruise Terminal?

Schedule and book in advance your transfer service from the city to the port and from the port to Pala de André parking (FlixBus stop).

Description section:

from Ravenna to the Terminal:
MINIVAN service with pick up in front of one of the hotel listed below and arrival in about 30 minutes at the Cruise Terminal of Porto Corsini, Ravenna

from the Terminal to Pala de André Parking (via Trieste 180):
SHUTTLE BUS service with pick up at the Cruise Terminal of Porto Corsini and arrival in about 20 minutes at FlixBus stop at Pala de André

Round trip fares description:

- fare: 1 passenger with 1 suitcases

  1 seat

  1 hand luggage

  1 checked-in suitcase (29x19x11 inch)


- fare: 1 passenger with 2 suitcases

  1 seat

  1 hand luggage

  2 hold luggage (29x19x11 inch)

Transfer from Ravenna to Porto Corsini Cruise Terminal

Instructions: select the day and the time; enter your personal data and select the pick up point from the list

Since most of the hotels in the historic center (listed below), are located in a limited traffic area and are accessible only by small vehicles, this service is provided by MINIVAN with limited capacity, that will pick up passengers directly in front of the entrance of the selected hotel. 

If you don’t find a passenger pick-up point for your needs, please email for assistance.

Passenger pick up points:
- Albergo Cappello (map)
- Apartment Hotel Marchesini (map)
- B&B Arianna (map)
- B&B Hotel (map)
- Bed and breakfast Cento19 (map)
- Casa Gugù (map)
- Casa Masoli (map)
- Le Case di San Vitale (map)
- Hotel Astoria (map)
- Hotel Bisanzio (map)
- Hotel Centrale Byron (map)
- Hotel Cube (map)
- Hotel Diana (map)
- Hotel Italia (map)
- Hotel Mosaico (map)
- Hotel Palazzo Bezzi (map)
- Hotel Palazzo Galletti Abbiosi (map)
- Hotel Ravenna (map)
- Hotel Roma (map)
- Hotel Sant'Andrea (map)
- NH Hotel Ravenna (map)
- Residence La Reunion (map)
- Ufficio Informazioni Turistiche (map)
- Via Cura Parking (map)
- Villa Noctis (map)
- Villa Santa Maria Foris (map)

Transfer service from Porto Corsini Cruise Terminal to Via Cura Parking

Instructions: select the day and time reservations available during the booking process

Get off the ship, exit the terminal and look for the staff with uniform or sign VISIT RAVENNA; if you have difficulties in tracing the correct means, please consult the Tourist Information Office located just outside the terminal on the left at the wooden kiosk.


- Contacts:
for any questions about this service please contact us at!
  . email: / 
  . phone: +39 0544 482838
  . whatsapp: +39 348 4504049

- Transportation Service Information
The service is provided with a vehicle shared with other passengers.
Capacity is limited, both for seating and luggage space. Therefore, each passenger can only bring on board what is included in the selected fare.

Please note that a "CHECKED BAG" refers to a standard piece of luggage whose dimensions must not exceed 75x49x30 cm. If you have very large and particularly bulky luggage that exceeds these dimensions, you will need to select the "1 passenger with 2 bags" fare, as the space available inside the vehicle is limited.

If the dimensions and quantity of the luggage selected during booking are not respected, the transportation service will not be guaranteed.

- Request for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle
If you require a wheelchair accessible vehicle for the transportation of individuals with disabilities or mobility difficulties, please send us a timely request via email at We will check the availability of the requested vehicle and inform you of any applicable surcharges.

Please note that without prior notification, we cannot guarantee the service with a standard vehicle. It is essential to communicate any specific needs in advance.

- Request for Child Safety Seat

If you require a child safety seat, please send us a timely request via email at, specifying the child's age. We will check the availability of the requested seat and inform you of any applicable surcharges.

Please note that without prior notification, we cannot guarantee the service. It is essential to communicate any specific needs in advance.

- Service Punctuality
We will do our best to be punctual. However, due to traffic and/or unexpected route changes, the service may experience slight delays. In this case, please remain patient by staying inside the hotel lobby or at the meeting point chosen and being available for communication from our staff.

Please note that one of our operators will always be ready to update you on the status of the transfers and can be contacted (preferably via WhatsApp) at +39 348 4504049.

- Vehicle Identification
Our driver will have an identification sign on the vehicle with the "Visit Ravenna" logo and a list of booked names.
Please ensure that the vehicle matches the one you booked and be careful not to board other vehicles.

If you decide at the last moment to use a different service, no refund will be provided. For more information, please refer to our cancellation policy.

- Invoice Request
If you need an invoice, you must request it before making the payment by contacting our office at the email address: