Stanguellini Museum in Modena

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Guided tour to Stanguellini Museum in Modena.
The art of Modena car maker Stanguellini consisted of creating very light automobiles, built and rebuilt for speed. In the fascinating Stanguellini Museum, founded in 1996 by Francesco, son of the legendary Vittorio, visitors can admire the finest cars, motorcycles, accessories, and the advertising material of the epoch. Outstanding among the 30 or so most important automobiles are Fiat’s first Sport 750s and 1100s and the Stanguellini Junior 1100

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From EUR 15

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The name of Stanguellini is synonymous with stylish sports cars. 


What can you expect from this Experience
You will learn about the history of a car manufacturer with a glorious past, made up of countless races and victories, creator of models destined to remain in the imagination of motor enthusiasts of all times that you will find on display in the fascinating Stanguellini Museum.
You will be able to admire cars that are considered real jewels: track cars such as the Formula Junior in all its versions, powered by the heavily elaborated Fiat 1100 that led them to victory for many years, the 750 single-seater that ran several thousand miles in addition to the Italian category championship, the Colibrì conceived as a record car and designed by designer Franco Scaglione, the 1100 and 750 boats, in the "National Sport" and "International Sport" categories which allowed Stanguellini to make his debut on the most important European tracks getting noticed by the whole world.
You will be able to see the Fiat Tipo 0 from 1908 with the "MO 1" license plate purchased by Vittorio's father, exhibited to commemorate the family's long activity as an official FIAT dealership, the first in Modena.

The visit is only possible with a guided tour by the museum staff:

Full € 15 per person
Reduced € 10 for children accompanied by their parents
Free for children up to 6 years, people with disabilities and their carers.
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